Monday, April 30, 2012


Socks, underwear, cat toys, and ear plugs. In a post last year I mentioned that these are the things that seem to disappear from my life on a regular basis without any explanation. I feel the great need to add highlighters to this list. The only logical conclusion I could come to is that gnomes must be coming in the middle of the night and stealing these items from me.

It's maddening.

It doesn't matter how many highlighters I buy, they always disappear despite my having no recollection of actually misplacing them. One could argue that the inconsequential nature of these items makes them easy to misplace without realizing it, which may be true for the highlighters, but what about the ear plugs that are never used outside my bedroom? Where do they go? They have to go somewhere.

I should be writing a 10 page paper right now. Something about Hindu untouchables. I haven't entirely fleshed out the topic... It was due today at five pm, so of course writing an entry on my mostly neglected blog seems like a good use of my time right about now.

Monday through Wednesday are supposed to be "silent week" at USC. It's the time when you don't have class and teachers do not schedule tests or give homework. It's intended to be used to study for finals. However, this particular professor has decided to ignore this. Dick move sir. It wouldn't be as frustrating if it wasn't an official thing. It's actually on the academic calendar. So perhaps my procrastination on this essay is my passive-agressive method of coping. Or just a bullshit excuse.

Speaking of school, I allegedly graduate from USC on the 11th of May. I say allegedly because I still have two weeks to fuck things up. Anyways, I'm not sad, just... well, school has been my whole life, so it's strange that it's going to be over (for now). That isn't to say I haven't ever had a job. I do have a job, but working part time while you are in school is different from working without school in the picture.

As much as I bitch about deadlines and homework, I love college. I love to learn. But that part of my life is over. Not the learning part, the college I mean. Of course I can and will continue to learn without having people tell me I'm supposed to, but there is some fun in being in an academic setting.

And now time for another digression.

This is the apparently culmination of my career as a graphic design student. By that I mean it was my final project for Design 4, not that it is my best or favorite piece. It's a redesign of a craigslist "Free Dirt" ad. Try giving Stuart a call. It might still be there.

I went to school for four years and the last piece I produce involved playing with dirt for hours. No it's not photoshop. I don't know why some people thought it was. I'm not sure how I feel about it though. I know I need to redo the color correction...

I don't make art. I reorganize meaningless piles of dirt. What does that say about me?

Craigslist free dirt ad redesign.

I should really be the poster child for Roski. Have your child attend the USC Roski School of Fine Arts and maybe they too will pass off playing with dirt or dead animals as homework.

What was this post supposed to be about again?